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Inside Our Container Homes

We specialize in creating modern, affordable modular homes. Compared to a conventional “mobile home”, Our modular buildings are a stronger, higher quality option, that are also more economical in both initial purchase price, and long term cost of ownership.

Your new modular home can be fitted with a wide range of comforts, can be connected together to create modular, efficient space, and are constructed from materials resilient enough to cross oceans.

Thinking of owning a tiny home? are you looking for a way to escape the cycle of mortgage debt, and become more fiscally responsible?, Or do you desire to simplify your life, or lessen your impact on our environment. Many people today are choosing to do just that. By downsizing your home, you downsize your ecological footprint, as well as your debt. You too can set an example of responsible stewardship, and leave a lasting impression on future generations.


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Offices for professionals that are going places.

We offer many models of modular Homes, Professional Offices, retail spaces, and Storm Shelters to choose from, and can customize any building to suit your specific needs.

Econcribs, LLC 2 bedroom 2 bath, 3 bedroom 2 bath and Duplex unit floor plans all offer the comforts of home. These modular homes are the latest craze in affordable living. Consumers are seeking affordability, and a home that offers safety and security in a smaller space. If you desire a different custom floor plan please let us know, and we will help you design it.


Industrial Grade Storage

Our modular storage buildings are constructed from containers tough enough to cross an ocean. Able to withstand the most adverse weather and handling conditions imaginable, they provide the water tight, long term storage solution you need, at a cost you will love.

The Advantages are clear:

  • Modular design allows ease of transportation and setup.
  • Modular storage buildings are not considered taxable structures.
  • Deliverable anywhere in the Continuous United States
  • Unbeatable price per Sq.Ft.

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Rental Property


put your money to work in the real estate market

Our modular homes have many advantages over the traditional “mobile” home. The economy of using an Intermodal container lies not only in its rugged construction, with it’s ability to withstand adverse weather of all types, but also in the reduction of lifetime maintenance and insurance costs, owing to it’s all steel construction. Our manufactured units can be delivered nationwide, do not require costly over-sized load permits, and setup can be completed within a day.

Compared to traditional modular housing, our units are both cheaper initially, and have reduced overall maintenance costs, as well as insurance premiums owing to their all steel construction.

This hot new idea includes turning what once was considered for shipping or storage purposes only, into a re-purposed life as housing. These can be dressed up or stripped down for use on a ranch, deer lease, or possibly gas industry housing. In this example, see how a shipping container has been converted into a viable living space fit for a king (or queen).

This model home is located in the Granbury area on a corner lot. We feel this is a prime location to show off our housing concept. We would love to meet with you and discuss future multiple build sites. Please give our products a consideration and give us a call to discuss your ideas.


  • Affordable Quality Housing
  • Withstands Hurricanes & Tornadoes
  • Shipping To Anywhere In The U.S.A.
  • Easy to heat and cool making it truly energy efficient.
  • Durable homes made to last a lifetime.

About Us

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The leader in Affordable,
Modular Steel homes.

Because of our central location in Texas, we manufacture and ship finished homes, offices, portable classrooms and shelter units anywhere in North America. Imagine your new, modern home constructed of steel. Built to withstand the forces of nature, our homes are both modern, and affordable.

Ecologically Sound

A regular forty-foot container has about 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) of steel, which takes 8,000 kWh (28,800 MJ) of energy to melt down. Repurposing used shipping containers is increasingly a practical solution to both social and ecological problems.

Wikipedia article

Shelter in place

“People want and desire a home that is safe and secure when mother nature acts up. Our hurricane and earthquake proof container homes can withstand 100 MPH winds on a foundation or 175 MPH winds when anchored with pylons, and have proven to be extremely solid in tornadoes or hurricanes.

James Davis

Professional Commentary

The world is waking up to the new ISBU container homes trend, They are no longer being used because they are cheap or plentiful, or even recyclable. They are now being used as living quarters or homes. People realize these containers are the strongest, most flexible construction module in the world.

John Sanders,
General Manager of the ISBU Association International.

Customer Testimonial

I love my container home, it is wonderfully efficent, was move in ready within a week, and most importantly, fit my budget. Thanks to econocribs, i won’t be slave to a mortgage for 15 years.

Satisfied Customer